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Rules of Conduct

1.) It is forbidden to make faction within the other members of the guild.

2.) Avoid offensive language/s in the guild chat or trade chat, this is to keep a harmonious relationship within guild members and non guild members and to uphold the guild's reputation as well.

3.) Applicants must be of Lvl 30 Normal Mode. (This is applicable on March 20, 2011... As of today, everyone are free to join!)

4.) RESPECT our fellow guild members especially the Guild Leader and Officers.

5.) All guild members are obliged to create  toons (character) exclusive for PvP War Lvl's 1-15 and PvP War Lvl's 20-30 only.

5.) All guild members are requested to participate  in the PvP War every 4-5pm Lvl 1-15 and 5-6pm Lvl 20-30 daily.

6.) All members are obliged to attend the Guild Wars Every Sunday 3-4pm. 
     Listed hereunder are the ff. benefits after participating the guild wars
     a.) cheaper price in the NPC especially Potions and other usable items.
     b.) may obtain a new guild rank
     c.) unlock diffrent destinations in the gatekeeper.
     d.) rewards from GM's etc.

7.) Register or apply all your toons on the Guild Master in Starfumos Vill. COMPULSORY.

8.) All members are obliged to donate 20 Etins every week. Etin is used to maintain the guild house.

9.) During boss hunt, if you looted up items that are not usable for you, kindly give it to our fellow guild members who needed it most without any money transaction. Charity work :)

10.) Cooperation within guild members are what must matter here. All of us must me Imbas in the Game, not only the GM, not only the officers but all of us DE.

Unable to comply the above mentioned policies and guidelines is subject for Guild Expulsion. Rest assured that due process will be accorded fairly by the officers.

For further inquiries, pls feel free to contact us through shaiya game chat.
Guild  Leader: X-Laws
Asst  Leader : YGK-138

Level requirement: Lvl 30 Normal Mode (applicable on March 20, 2011, everyone are free to join for the mean time)
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